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A Day in the Life of Deniliquin began on 9th March 1990 when a group of local photographers and community members took photographs that formed a snapshot of the Deniliquin community over a 24 hour period. Project organiser, Marcus Logan, recalls:

“In 1981 two photographers had an idea - get 100 professional photographers together and spend one day taking photographs at various locations around Australia. The completed book, “A Day in the Life of Australia”, became a best seller and was the inspiration, almost ten years later, for the A Day in the Life of Deniliquin project."

I was so impressed with the ‘Day in the Life’ concept that I couldn't help but wonder if the same idea could be condensed down to one town and rather than having professionals taking part, local photographic enthusiasts could take on the challenge.

So in 1990 I gathered a few others who were keen on the idea and set about promoting the project and working out exactly who and what we were going to photograph.

Each photographer was given one roll of black and white and one roll of colour film, and, although they could buy a few more rolls, they had to pay for the processing themselves. After the event the films had to be processed and every black and white enlargement was printed in Bruce Richard's darkroom.

In pre-internet times we had to use whatever techniques we could to promote the project, I'll never forget appearing live on a morning TV show in Shepparton with Gayle Lindeman.

Needless to say the response then, as now, has been fantastic and A Day in the Life of Deniliquin will no doubt be reprised in 2021.”

Local Hazel Ladson also participated in the 1990 project and was diligent enough to write a diary entry afterward that gives some more insight into the project:
The processing is done by the committee organizing the project and they should recoup that cost from the exhibition they plan to put on from Easter Saturday for a week. Only good photos will be enlarged and displayed but all photos will be put into albums and all are available for ordering reprints and the photographer will get 50% of the sales of reprints. There were 45 photographers out on Friday covering as much of Deniliquin as we could for a 24 hour period. I am really looking forward to the exhibition to see just what does go on in the town over a day. The original plan was to publish a book from it but they were unsuccessful in getting an Arts Council grant so that may not come off.”

It has been over 20 years since the 1990 A Day in the Life of Deniliquin and, unfortunately, only the enlarged prints could be found. The whereabouts of the original negatives and the albums of prints is unknown and around 18 of the enlarged prints are also missing. The 122 remaining photographs have been digitally scanned and form the 1990 Gallery on this website. Details about the photographer, location and subject of each image have been included where known, though much of this information has also been lost.

The search for the original negatives and prints will continue….

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