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In 2001, James Giddey, Deniliquin Council’s Cultural Development Officer at the time, restaged A Day in the Life of Deniliquin with the help of community organisers, including Marcus Logan, Michael Jowett and Kate Butler. The group helped coordinate around 32 locals to once again document Deniliquin on the 9th March.

Several community meetings were held in the lead up to the event to talk about possible locations and techniques. Participants paid a nominal fee to participate and were provided with rolls of film, both colour and Kodak’s T400CN film, a monochrome film that could be processed locally through colour processing equipment. In a final meeting before the day, participants identified which locations they would ‘cover’, with some committing to photograph in the early hours of the morning and others late at night, to try and cover as much of the 24 hours as possible.

On the 9th March, participants kept a log of each photo taken, with details of subject, event and location. They were also asked to photograph themselves or their name as the first image on each roll of film to help with identification. Around 73 35mm rolls of film were submitted and processed by organisers. Two sets of standard sized prints were made from each roll with organisers keeping the negatives and one set of prints and the photographers keeping the other set. Around 200 images were chosen and enlarged to 20 x 30cm for exhibition.

This selection of images from 2001, along with the remaining images from 1990, were mounted on large sheets of archival mounting board and exhibited at the Deniliquin Multi Arts Centre.

In 2011, all but two of the rolls of film remain as well as the all of the albums of prints, though the log sheets, detailing the information about the images that weren’t exhibited, have been lost.

Organisers have scanned the 71 rolls of film and have included around 50 images in the 2011 exhibition and in the 2001 Gallery on this website, that were not originally exhibited. Some of these have been chosen simply because they are outstanding photographs whilst others have gained in significance over the past ten years because of what has changed in the community.

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Photo by Sara Butcher of Selina Ash taking photos at High School.
Selina's resulting photograph to the right.


Self portrait of Michael Jowett in paraglider.
Michael's image that appeared in the 2001 exhibition on the right.